Friday 5 September 2008

Job position

Job position: Small Charities Co-ordinator. The Small Charities Coalition has been awarded a grant to fund this post for 2 years.

Small charities coalition is a small charity which aims to support other small charities through the sharing of skills and resources. This important role is to recruit and co-ordinate the members of Small Charities Coalition with its supporters. For more information and a copy of the job description please contact CVs must be received by 5pm on 19th September 2008. Successful candidates must be available for interview on either 24th or 25th September 2008.

Thursday 31 July 2008

Time to deliver

Your small charities resources are now required.

Friends, its time for the Small Charities Coalition to deliver
This next survey is the Resources survey; this will highlight the resources in your organisation that can be shared with fellow Small Charities. As a “friend” of the Coalition you have promised 24hr of your skills, experience or knowledge to share with a fellow Small Charity in hope to solve their problems.

Click Here to take survey

Your skills will be match with a fellow small charity that is in need, and in return we will match your organisation with skill set to help solve your problems.

We will be in touch soon, again we ask for your patience in the hope that it will be rewarded very soon.

Patrick Cox
Small Charities Coalition

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Small charities survey.

Hello all,

It's been a frantic few months, so thank you for your continued support. We're now asking friends of the Coalition to fill out our small charities "need" survey and next month we will be asking you to fill out our "resources" survey.

These two surveys are key to the workings of the Coalition, so thank you for taking the time to fill them out.

Also I would like to thank you for your patience. We like many small charities are under resourced and still working hard to secure the funding we need, so please bear with us! We're open for business and delighted and excited about the possibilities.

Patrick Cox
Small Charities Coalition.

Small Charities "Need" survey

Tuesday 15 January 2008

A charity is born

Ask any charity founder, it is a proud day when you find out the number of your charity. A charity is born and just like any birth, it is a labour of passion, dedication and hard work,that involves the mother (Charity Commission) and this case a father (founder -me) and mothers and fathers in-laws (e.g. trustees) It is something to truly celebrate. Like all new parents and in-laws were excited about it's potential and future and the challenges that lay ahead. So huge thanks to all the trustees’ special thanks to Rosamund and big thank you to John Barrett our trusty Volunteer. Welcome to the world! Small Charities Coalition charity registration number 1122297.

Patrick Cox Founder (very proud indeed)

Friday 11 January 2008

Small charities sign up now!

We are now recruiting small charities to sign up to the Small Charities Coalition.
Its free, The coalition was set up to support you. We will be asking for your views so we can be your voice and demand change to support you better. So spead the word.

All we ask is that you be;

1. Registered UK charity.
3. Have an income of less than £1million.
2. That you donate 24 hr of your time per year to support other small charities.

This will then allow your organisation 24hr of direct support access to dream resourses. To support your charity in guidance, advice, knowledge and praise.

Email now. "I wish to be a friend of the small charities coalition" to

Why friends?
Because at the coalition we don't have members. We have friends, friends helping and supporting each other.

Sunday 16 December 2007

Changing the world.

Changing the world is easy….finding the support to do it….. that is the hardest part.

Every visionary has faced this problem. The Small Charities Coalition was born out of my solid frustration at being a small charity and having no support. I founded the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign, a tiny charity in 2005 and struggled for two years. It was my view that it should not be this hard to provide social change. I needed direct support, not hand outs or leaflets but a guiding hand to show me the way, advise, support and give me praise. No organization provided that for me.

The love and support of the Directory of Social Change and Media Trust and endless emails from small charities gave me the energy and guidance to give the Coalition birth. Necessity is the mother of all invention.

The Coalition was born. I have to say it would not have been possible without Male Cancer Awareness Campaign; a truly great charity has risked its own survival and growth because it believes in the endless possibilities of Coalition. The trustees have kindly allowed its only member of staff (me) to step over to set up the Small Charities Coalition and backed by the wonderful Tudor Trust, my vision of a direct support framework for small charities is about to become a reality.

I also need to highlight the forward thinking and support to the Coalition from Shelter and Cancer Research UK two of the biggest UK charities. Two large charities giving something back and supporting its smaller charities siblings in provide the underpinning of the support framework. I will be asking the rest of the large charities to follow their lead.

What is the Coalition? Simply put, it’s what ever you want it to be! To me it’s all the small charities in the UK in one room supporting each other, “I have a problem can anyone help me?” Working as a collective we have the skills to help each other. As a group with mass, we have a voice that can be loud and clear! When you join the Coalition you are more than a member, you are a friend helping other friends to achieve their goals.

So what does a direct support frame work look like???

Well imagine a room where your dream resources can be accessed. A room filled with talented, experienced knowledgeable people who work for charities. A room where your questions are answered, your hand taken and guided to where your charity wants to be. A room filled with services, discounts and all the practical help needed to support a small charity.That’s what a direct framework looks like. A website that creates a space where we can simply support and help each other, sharing skills and knowledge and experience and even services e.g. access to meeting rooms; this dream magic room will now be accessible to small charities.

Voice? What will that sound like?

The Coalition will also act as a voice of small charities. Imagine someone speaking up for you and demanding change to support you. To government, business, the public. Someone speaking up for your commitment, hardwork, passion and energy.

So as a small charity, what do I have to do?

The Coalition is FREE!!! No charge. But you have to be a Registered Charity.
You or some on in your organization must donate 24hrs of your time to share skills, experience, talent, knowledge with fellow small charities. In return you can access the key skills, knowledge your organization is missing.

Ask your Trustee board or CEO for permission. And sign up to be a Friend of the Coalition.

You will be given a detailed questionnaire and skills matrix and best of all, your “wish list.”


Please bear with us. We are starting from scratch, but unlike other startup charities, the Coalition already has a national profile. We are aiming to support at least 35,000 small charities, so it is important we get this right. Once funding is found the website will be developed to start the direct support framework working. But by having you signed up we can start to be your voice, and demand change to support you better.

Doors are already opening. But with all our voices working as one, The Coalition voice has the power to open doors and if not, it can quickly become the annoying broken bell that keeps ringing. Important doors will open, doors that have the power to help all small charities achieve their aims.


Every small charity has its difficulties, and in every start up charity, the difficulties can seem somewhat magnified. My own journey to get to here has felt similar to the Wright brothers, flying by the seat of your pants, risking everything for something that is needed. Solid blood sweat and tears. Many of you will know how easy it is to stupidly risk your family, friends and health for the sake of the cause you believe in. I believe the Coalition will help small charities to minimise this risk. I have had help and support and belief to help me to achieve my vision. Because somehow, that's how difficulties are overcome.

My personal thanks to the Coalition Governing board, a dynamic group of individuals who have a passion and real heart for charity, their experience and talents are vast, and I am impressed with their dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm for this colossal task that lies ahead of us. This board is truly impressive and I am delighted and excited and lucky that they have committed to this journey. However it’s an exciting journey ahead. Were starting with a complete blank canvas and aim to look after and support and show leadership to 35,000 small and new charities.

So please bear with us, anyone who has ever set up a charity from scratch will know the difficulties and the tedious attention to detail that is incredibly boring but essential at this start up time.

The coalition aims to have its charity number with in a few weeks and New Year aims to be an exciting and memorable one.

May I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope the New Year brings success and happiness.

Patrick Cox
Small charities coalition.